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To change people's lives for the better through studying violin and viola

To teache vital life skills like perseverance, time management

To optimize one’s potential as a path to increased confidence

To build focus and coordination, and provide an artistic platform where students can become creative and expressive individuals

To foster teamwork and leadership skills through guidance in chamber groups and orchestras


Technique and Curriculum

Proper technique and healthy, balanced posture is emphasized at all levels.

With a solid foundation, students optimize expressive freedom and creativity.


Use of the Suzuki Method includes: daily practice, daily listening, parental involvement, both private and group lessons and command of a vast repertoire collection through review practice.


With warmth, encouragement, and efficacy, Linda strives to empower students and parents with tools for success. 


In addition to repertoire study, Linda offers a well balanced traditional curriculum of note-reading, scales and other relevant studies in the tradition of Galamian.


Home Practice

Detailed written instructions to students and parents to guide daily practice:




Practice skills include: points of focus, managing tempo, mental rehearsal and repetition to imprint skills and economize effort.

These tools are modeled in the lessons and emphasized in daily assignments.


Parent involvement is strongly encouraged at lessons and daily practice for optimal success.


Evaluations and Competitions

All Levels Welcome

Linda has success teaching students as young as 3 and as old as 80 and can tailor her guidance in accordance with each student's goals. This includes: students driven to win competitions and get scholarships to universities, young children just learning how to take instruction from a teacher, participants in their school orchestra that want to steadily develop their skills, students with special needs (GATE, ASD, ADHD, TS), professionals looking to refine their skills and receive guidance for their own teaching studios and retirees bravely learning new skills.


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